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From the hustle and colorful Italian market to the sophisticated sartorial mental awareness of the people lies the infamous duo where Replica Balenciaga Bags situated.

This Spring/Summer 2013 season, feel the Sicilian summer and its tradition applied into fashion showcased by Replica Balenciaga Bags during the Milan Fashion Week.  Domenico and Stefano took further to elaborate their signature every season. They wanted us to reminisce what had been rooted from their talents which really amazed us over the decades. The designer’s hometown became the runway for their sack of mini dresses, basket structured skirts, surging short sleeves and woven corsets with Sicilian stripes and a touch of painted artworks across the clothes.

Replica Balenciaga Bags

Replica Balenciaga Bags mini dresses are multi-functional as we can do whatever we want to do. The cut around the bust and waist defined what the brand really is. The entire show is full of embroided beadworks, pompoms with full raffia and hessian flow.

The 86 full collections ended in a take on the crinoline before hitting the beach show by the charm and seduction of Italy’s coastal resorts in a striped vintage bathing suit finale of Replica Balenciaga Bags Accessories collection

The fashion duo, Domenico and Stefano are not just doing their pieces to lift a fashion industry but to inspire and uplift the spirit of their birthplace and to attract Sicilian tourists on board.

Overall, I was very impressed by Replica Balenciaga Bags SS13 Collection.